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Data management

With Machine Insite's detailed weekly Exception Reporting, your Audit and Management Team will be able to remotely manage and carry out in-depth review meetings with their machine suppliers.

These reports are designed to focus on areas of the supply agreement covered by KPIs such as:

  • Shortfall Reports
  • Cash to Meter Variance Reports
  • Site Life Reports
  • Injection Reports
  • Machine Change Exceptions
  • Rent Band Exception Reports

Machine Insite's system also provides you with Management and Financial Reports covering the following areas:

  1. Monthly Accounting Information
    • Overall Company
    • Business Region
    • Individual House
    • Benchmarking against overall managed/tenanted (as appropriate)
  2. Weekly Performance Reports — 'against budget' and 'year on year'
    • Overall Company
    • Business Region
    • Individual House
  3. Exception Reports
    • Individual Machine
    • By Supplier

The flexibility of our system means you can generate or adapt individual reports to meet the ever-evolving needs of your business. It also gives you the facility to develop interfaces which can automatically feed key information directly into your Management Information Systems.