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Vianet Group plc is the holding company for a group of companies involved in the provision of real-time monitoring systems and data management services, principally for the UK’s leisure and petrol forecourt services.

Since its admission to AIM in 2006 (at that time called Brulines Holdings plc), the Group has grown organically and through a series of strategic acquisitions to give the Group access to key vertical markets.

The Company is incorporated in England and principally operates in the UK.

The Company has no restrictions on the transfer of its shares.

The Group operates through two divisions:

Leisure Division, which trades as Vianet Limited and operates through the following brands/businesses:

Brulines The core product, BMS (Beer Monitoring System), is widely used by owners and operators within the UK licensed on-trade, especially the tenanted / leased pub sector. Flow meters connected to draught beer dispense lines send data via an on-site communication panel to a secure central database. Liquid volumes by fount, draught wine or post mix are tracked as they are served, thereby helping customers to maximise sales, service and quality as well as managing their costs. BMS is installed in over 19,000 pubs and manages data for more than one in three UK pubs.

i-Draught™ A more recent and rapidly growing product offer which is an extension of the Group's BMS, i-Draught™ scrutinises the quality of products running through beer lines in a bar; measuring volume, temperature, flow rate and liquid type (e.g. beer, cleaning fluid or water) at the point of dispense. i-Draught™ is the first system to provide effective measurement of true yields on draught products. Actual dispense volumes are compared with till transactions to identify shrinkage from products given away, pilferage and wastage.

i-Draught™ measures the precise temperature of every pint as it is dispensed, the time taken to dispense each drink, and automatically identifies the liquid allowing customers to know exactly when lines are cleaned. Wherever they are, customers can stay in control through accessing their information on a secure web site.

Whilst the vast majority of the business is conducted in the UK, i-Draught™ has a small operation in Denver, Colorado with almost 100 i-Draught™ systems installed in various outlets in the Denver Metropolitan area.

Machine Insite is an international amusement and Amusement With Prizes (“AWP”) machine management company. Working with clients right across Europe, it currently manages over 38,000 machines and delivers a range of services, from simple data provision and reporting through to complex machine management and contract negotiations.

Most of the business is primarily within the pub retail sector (including major managed-estates and regional brewers) though it also provides services to multi-site businesses such as Odeon Cinemas and the Military. In addition, using its CoinMetrics technology, it provides live, on-site monitoring systems to owner operators of amusement and AWP machine sites across the UK and Europe.

Vendexpert is a pan-European leading provider of telemetry solutions and data applications to the vending industry – for all vending management needs, whether they are in operations, sales, category management, field services, national accounts or senior management. The unique software platform is designed to maximise vending profitability. By harnessing the benefits of both GSM wireless telemetry and secure online data processing, Vendexpert realises the full potential of remote M2M monitoring, providing multi-level, real-time access to front-line management information.

ViaTelemetry provides connectivity products and services to manufacturers and service providers enabling them to unlock the value of data stored within their remote equipment so they have the potential to deliver massive products.

Vianet Fuel Solutions consists of:

Vianet Fuel Solutions (“VFS”), supplies key management information and associated services to independent, multi branded owner, and supermarket petrol forecourt operators to ensure they have total visibility and control of their end-to-end business via a single web-based solution.

VFS offers the only one stop shop offering for end-to-end fuel asset management products and services, which allow customers to maximise ROI from fuel stocks and assets which store, control and issue fuels.

Our wet stock analysis provides key management information to independent, multi branded owner, and supermarket petrol forecourt operators helping them to reduce loss of fuel and improve profitability.

VFS is the UK market leader in fuel pump calibration, adjustment and legal verification, and also a leading provider of forecourt audit and compliance services.

Our proprietary web-based contract management solutions for forecourt operations have been designed to significantly simplify management of multiple contractors for both reactive and preventive maintenance, as well as ensuring regulatory compliance in a sector where exemplary control measures are essential. In addition, VFS offers forecourt engineering and project management solutions to a number of forecourt operators.

VFS is the UK distributor for OPW Fuel Management System’s tank gauging solutions and also performs tank relining, liquefied petroleum gas and small forecourt service works.

Vianet Group plc was incorporated in England and Wales with registered number 5345684

The company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association can be found here