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Sub Committees

Audit Committee
This consists of;
Chris Williams (Chair)
James Dickson
Mike McGoun

In attendance: James Dickson, Stewart Darling, Mark H. Foster

It meets at least twice in any year, and is attended as a minimum by the Chief Executive and Finance Director, as well as the Group's External Auditors.

The Audit Committee has terms of reference (which are available for inspection) to report on matters such as the Group's annual accounts, interim reports, major accounting issues and developments, the appointment of external auditors and their fee, the objectivity of the auditors, the Group's statement on internal control systems and the scope and findings of external audit.


Remuneration Committee
This consists of;
Mike McGoun (Chair)
Chris Williams
James Dickson

In attendance: James Dickson

The Remuneration Committee has terms of reference (which are available for inspection) and meets at least twice per year, reviewing and advising upon the remuneration and benefit packages of the Executive Directors and other senior management. The remuneration of the Chairman and Non-Executive Director is decided upon by the full Board.

The Remuneration policy is to attract, retain and motivate high quality executives capable of achieving the Group's objectives and thereby enhancing shareholder value.

The remuneration of the Executive Directors consists of a basic salary and benefits, performance related bonuses and share options. The Non-Executive Directors are eligible for performance related share options.