Vianet Leisure Solutions

Brings together innovative technology and significant operational expertise to deliver improved profitability for licensees through driving out waste and giving your customer a perfect pint.

Recording the total volume of liquid that passes through the beer lines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week it recognises the brand performance of draught beers, ciders, lagers, spirits and post mix and helps you maintain an effective line-cleaning regime.

Delivering a cost effective hospitality EPOS solution which addresses the requirements for the licensed retail trade and provides a significant return on investment. A simple to use, intuitive and easily managed solution that automatically integrates with iDraught.

Leading market expert in gaming machine performance management. 'We have seen an industry leading 8%+ year on-year increase in profit, as a result of the greater insight and control we have over our machine operation, thanks to Machine Insite'. - Scottish and Newcastle Pub Company.

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